83.2V Lithium Battery For Heli EP Hangcha Linde Jungheinrich

•Voltage: 83.2V.

•Capacity: Choose 50Ah to 200Ah for electric forklifts.

•Chemistry: Lithium chemistry.

•Forklift Brand: For Heli EP Hangcha Linde Jungheinrich

83.2V Lithium Battery For Heli EP Hangcha Linde Jungheinrich

•83.2V lithium batteries may be suitable as drop-in replacements for lead-acid batteries used in some models of Heli, EP Equipment, Hangcha, Linde and Jungheinrich forklifts, especially their larger lift trucks designed for heavier loads. However, compatibility depends entirely on the specifics of their equipment.

•It is best to contact the forklift manufacturer directly to check if their trucks, motors, controls, chargers and software will properly function with lithium batteries before attempting to install them. They can determine if any updates or modifications may be needed for safe and effective operation.

•When inquiring about lithium battery compatibility, be prepared to provide details about the voltage, capacity (amp-hours), dimensions and weight of the lithium batteries you plan to use as replacements. The manufacturer will need this information to evaluate if they will work in their equipment.

•If the forklift manufacturer approves the use of lithium replacements, be sure to follow any guidelines they provide for properly installing the new batteries and ensuring safe charging and operation. Their technicians may need to make adjustments to the trucks before the batteries are put into service.

•Choose high quality lithium batteries specifically intended for use in industrial electric vehicles and material handling equipment. Lesser quality batteries may not have the power delivery, durability or safety features required for this demanding application.

•Ensure any lithium batteries come with a Battery Management System (BMS) to properly monitor voltage, temperature and charge state for safe operation. The BMS helps prevent issues like overcharging, deep discharging, overheating and short circuits.

•Work closely with the battery distributor or manufacturer to determine ideal sizing and specify a product suitable for high-drain, high-cycle use in forklifts. Not all lithium batteries are robust enough to handle the power loads and frequent recharging needs of these industrial trucks.





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