72V Lithium Battery 72v FOR Toyota Nichiyu TCM Komatsu Mitsubishi

•Voltage: 72V.

•Capacity: Choose 50Ah to 200Ah for electric forklifts.

•Chemistry: Lithium chemistry.

•Forklift Brand: For Toyota, Nichiyu, TCM, Komatsu, Mitsubishi

72V Lithium Battery 72v For Toyota Nichiyu TCM Komatsu Mitsubishi

•72V lithium batteries would likely only be suitable as replacements in forklift models specifically designed to operate on 72V power. Not all trucks from these brands use this voltage, so you would need to check the specifications for your specific forklift.

•As always, it is best to contact the forklift manufacturer directly to inquire about the possibility of using 72V lithium batteries in their equipment before attempting to install any. They can determine if the trucks, motors, controls and chargers will properly function with the different battery type, or if any updates are needed.

•When contacting the manufacturer, be prepared to provide details on the voltage, capacity, dimensions and weight of the lithium batteries you want to use as replacements. They will need this info to evaluate compatibility with their forklifts.•If 72V lithium batteries are approved, follow any guidelines from the manufacturer regarding proper installation and setup. Their technicians may need to make some adjustments to ensure safe operation before putting the new batteries into service.

•Choose high-quality 72V lithium batteries that are specifically designed for electric forklifts and material handling equipment. They must be durable and powerful enough for this demanding application, and come with a BMS for safety.

•Work with the battery supplier to determine the ideal size based on your forklift model’s requirements. Not all 72V lithium batteries will have the power capacity needed for operating a forklift.

•Proper charging equipment compatible with lithium batteries may also be needed. Check if your existing forklift charger will work, or if a new lithium-specific charger is required.•Be aware that changing from lead-acid to lithium batteries may void the forklift’s warranty or require recertifying the truck. Check with your dealer regarding any impacts to the vehicle warranty or service requirements before proceeding with the battery replacement.





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