Zospower Showcases At CeMAT ASIA 2020

The 2020 Asian International Trade Fair for Materials Handling, Automation Technology, Transport Systems and Logistics ( CeMAT ASIA 2020 ), took place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC) from November 3rd to 6th, 2020. Shanghai Zongsheng Industrial Co., Ltd., a renowned domestic manufacturer specializing in forklift battery production, showcased their latest products and cutting-edge innovations at the event.

The exhibition featured a wide range of products including lead-acid traction batteries, explosion-proof batteries, maintenance-free sealed batteries, and high-performance lithium batteries. Zongsheng Industrial highlighted their upgraded offerings of high-performance traction batteries, maintenance-free batteries, and explosion-proof batteries.

Zongsheng’s high-performance traction batteries incorporate advanced production lines from Germany and utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques from England. These batteries are designed for various battery-powered vehicles such as forklifts, transport vehicles, and mining vehicles. The anodes feature German lead-core die-casting and British extrusion-type tubular positive plates, while the cathodes employ paste-coated negatives from a UK chloride company. Additional components include traction-specific PE separators from the United States and imported polypropylene battery cases. These batteries boast large capacity, low self-discharge, excellent shock resistance, long lifespan, and explosion-proof properties. With their existing BS and DIN models, Zongsheng holds independent intellectual property rights, has adopted a soft connection method, and secured national patents.

As environmental concerns grow and demand for advanced handling equipment increases, the electric forklift industry has experienced rapid development. Lead-acid and lithium batteries, serving as the power source for electric forklifts, have entered a period of comprehensive advancement. This has resulted in the expansion of the forklift battery industry, with numerous manufacturers contributing to the market, including suppliers of lead-acid traction batteries, lithium forklift batteries, battery chargers, forklift battery parts, and industrial batteries. Services such as battery maintenance and forklift battery replacement have also emerged to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

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