Zospower Battery Showcases Standardized Innovative Products at the Dual Carbon Industrial Development Forum

The inaugural Dual Carbon Industrial Development Forum for construction machinery took place on April 26-27, 2023, in Jinan. Guided by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association and hosted by the Dual Carbon Working Committee of the association, the forum focused on accelerating energy-saving and emission reduction measures and achieving green development in the construction machinery industry. Over 300 representatives from renowned industry experts, leading construction machinery enterprises, and supporting supply chain companies gathered to discuss the industry’s development prospects.Zospower Battery was invited to participate in the first double carbon industry development forum.

Zospower, specializing in innovative lithium battery technology and deeply rooted in the forklift industry, has become a leading brand in the lithium battery sector for forklifts. As an active pioneer in the industry and a leader in providing product application solutions, Zospower has broken traditional thinking by proposing the concept of standardized emission reduction. It has pioneered standardized products by implementing standardized design, standardized materials, and standardized manufacturing, thereby establishing product standardization. This approach not only significantly reduces production and operational costs but also enables rapid delivery to customers. Furthermore, it simplifies customer application processes, enhances application efficiency, and has obtained system certifications such as IEC, UL, and UN38.3. Most importantly, the standardized products contribute to energy-saving, emission reduction, and help the industry achieve the “carbon neutrality” and “carbon peak” goals as early as possible.

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Zospower Battery Showcases Standardized Innovative Products at the Dual Carbon Industrial Development Forum 3

Zospower has disrupted traditional design thinking within the industry by developing electrical components specifically for industrial vehicle applications. Its innovative design approach based on product standardization ensures consistency, improves production efficiency, and reduces carbon emissions. Zospower offers valuable battery solutions, including dedicated battery cells designed for regular scenarios in mining trucks, supporting 2C charge and discharge. It also provides super lithium battery products designed for special scenarios in mining trucks, supporting 3C, 5C, and 10C charge and discharge rates. Additionally, Zospower offers both pure electric and hybrid solutions in specific business collaborations. In terms of energy replenishment methods, Zospower leverages technological innovation and exploration to provide customers with various charging modes suitable for different application scenarios, such as mobile charging, mobile power supply, fixed-point battery swapping, and mobile battery swapping. These solutions effectively address customer pain points and challenges, delivering excellent application experiences.

Overall, Zospower has demonstrated its commitment to driving the dual carbon goals of energy-saving and emission reduction through standardized innovative products, providing efficient and sustainable solutions for the construction machinery industry.