51.2V Lithium Battery For Counterbalance forklift

•Voltage: 25.6V.

•Capacity: Choose 50Ah to 200Ah for electric forklifts.

•Chemistry: Lithium chemistry.

•Types of Forklifts: Lithium Battery For Counterbalance forklift

51.2V Lithium Battery For Counterbalance forklift

•25.6V lithium batteries would likely only work as direct replacements in towing tractors specifically rated to operate on a 25.6V power system. Not all towing tractors use this voltage, so verify your tractor’s requirements first.

•As always, check with the towing tractor manufacturer about lithium battery compatibility before installing them. Provide the battery specifications so they can determine if components will properly function, and follow any recommendations they provide.

•Choose a high-quality 25.6V lithium battery that is specifically designed for use in electric industrial vehicles and material handling equipment. Lesser quality lithium batteries likely will not have the power, durability or safety features required for this application.

•Work with the lithium battery supplier to determine the right capacity (amp-hours) based on your towing tractor model’s power demands. Not all 25.6V lithium batteries will provide enough runtime between charges. Higher Ah ratings, 200Ah or more, will likely be required for a towing tractor.

•The 25.6V lithium batteries must come with a Battery Management System to monitor voltage, temperature and charge for safety. The BMS helps prevent issues like overcharging, deep discharging, overheating and short circuits.

•Check if your existing 25.6V charger can charge lithium batteries or if a new high-amperage lithium-specific charger is required. The charger must be properly rated to charge a large lithium battery bank. An incompatible or under-rated charger could damage the batteries or cause charging issues.

•Be aware that switching from lead-acid to lithium batteries could void equipment warranties or require recertifying the tractor. Check with your towing tractor dealer for any impacts to the vehicle warranty, service contracts or licensing.

•Lithium batteries typically weigh less than equivalent lead-acid batteries, so check if weight distribution needs adjustment after installing lithium batteries. This could impact handling, braking and stability at high speeds.



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