25.6V 150AH Lithium Battery Module

•Voltage: 25.6V.

•Capacity: 150AH.

25.6V 150AH Lithium Battery Module

•A 25.6V, 150Ah lithium battery module would provide 3.84 kWh of energy, which could power many types of electric vehicles or equipment. However, you need to ensure the voltage and capacity meet the requirements of your specific application. Not all equipment can operate on a 25.6V power system or use a 150Ah capacity module.

•The module should come equipped with a Battery Management System to monitor cell voltages, temperatures and charge state for safe operation. The BMS helps prevent issues like overcharging, deep discharging or overheating and ensures maximum battery lifespan.

•Choose a reputable lithium battery brand that specializes in manufacturing modules for commercial and industrial use. Lesser-known brands may lack quality control or safety standards. Premium lithium modules will typically offer longer lifespans and performance warranties.

•For the best performance, look for LiFePO4 lithium cell chemistry which offers a good balance of energy density and safe operation. Other lithium types like Li-NMC may lack stability or have shorter lifespans.

•The module should be designed for a consistent charge and discharge cycle in stationary or mobile applications. For vehicle or mobile use, the module needs to withstand vibrations and weather exposure. Stationary modules may not meet durability standards for outdoor installation or equipment operation.

•Module charging and connectivity must match your 25.6V equipment or charger plugs and interfaces. Not all modules provide charging leads, plugs or on-board monitoring screens that may be required based on how you intend to use the module. Additional equipment like a CAN bus interface may be needed for connectivity.

•Check if permits, licenses or certifications are required for lithium modules with the capacity and in the locations you intend to use them. Regulations for transporting or using lithium batteries vary in different countries, states and local municipalities.

•Lithium modules require special shipping procedures and notifications. Check if the supplier offers plug-and-play modules with leads installed or if you need to handle bare modules and install connectivity separately based on how shipping and handling impacts you.



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