New Track, New Choices

With the rapid development of the global construction machinery industry, the aerial work platform sector is experiencing new vitality and becoming an important segment within the industry. As new technologies such as 5G, IoT, and renewable energy mature, the aerial work platform industry is evolving towards diversification, electrification, and intelligence. Seizing the opportunity presented by the vast market, Zospower aims to achieve new breakthroughs in the field of aerial work platforms by exploring new models, approaches, and power sources.

Zospower has introduced the 358.4V210Ah vehicle-grade standard container high-voltage lithium battery pack, custom-designed for the modular boom-type aerial work platform. This product has received favorable market feedback and its advantages have been validated in numerous projects.

The battery incorporates several leading technologies and key materials:

Standardized container design: Standardized module layout is employed, matching vehicle-grade electrical components to form a standard container. The framework is stacked, enabling quick assembly, maintenance, and adjustment of power matching in high-capacity scenarios. It offers high efficiency, flexibility, safety, and stability.

Square-shaped lithium iron phosphate cells: Longer service life and higher safety.

Advanced BMS system: Integrates real-time monitoring and intelligent management modules to accurately monitor the status of each component within the system, ensuring stable system performance and user safety.

Suitable for high and low-temperature operating conditions, requiring no maintenance or upkeep in daily usage. It supports on-the-go charging and meets fast charging requirements of 1.5 hours.

Design with high-voltage for heavy tonnage: Effectively reduces the overall vehicle current, mitigates power supply frequency fluctuations, decreases energy loss, and delivers efficient power output, saving over 10% of vehicle energy and improving efficiency by more than 12%.

In the future, leveraging its strong R&D team and industrial capabilities, Zospower will continue to provide users with more efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly products through advanced intelligent manufacturing platforms. It aims to drive the electrification process in the construction machinery field, gradually forming a brand competitiveness based on “safety-focused core technology, comprehensive scene coverage, and system solutions.” This will serve as a key innovation pillar for Zospower in the engineering sector.