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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick overview of the FAQs about zospower’s lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries for forklifts, including introductions of zospower, main business, payment methods, after-sales service, technical support, etc.

Shanghai Zhongsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company specializing in the research and development,design,production, and sales of high-end lead-acid batteries, high-end lithium batteries, high-end power equipment, and other energy technology products.

Zospower’s main business includes:
1. Supplying various types of lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, battery charger, battery parts, etc.
2. Offering customized battery packs based on customer needs.
3. Providing testing, maintenance and battery management services.
Zospower has a one-stop solution for all your power needs. Our high quality products have been used in many areas such as forklifts, etc.

Zospower supports various payment methods:
1. T/T – Most common method for oversea trade.
2. Alibaba – Convenient for sample orders on Alibaba.
3. Western Union or Paypal – Alternative for small amount payments.
4. L/C – Only available for bulk orders.
5. AliPay or WeChat Pay – For domestic transactions in mainland China.
If you have any questions about payments, please contact our sales team and we will suggest suitable solutions.

1. Choosing suitable battery types, capacities and pack configurations for specific applications.
2. Battery system planning and design for complex application scenarios.
3. Customized lithium battery packs for unique size, voltage or capacity requirements.
4. Solving technical issues with battery charging, discharging or system integration.

1. Customized battery maintenance plans based on specific needs.<br>
2. Product repair or replacement services if batteries fail within the warranty period.<br>
3. Upon receiving the ordered product,please contact our after-sales service team if you have any product issues or support needs. <br>
4. If the buyer is responsible for shipping, and there are any issues such as damage to the product upon receipt, it is the buyer’s responsibility.<br>
5. If the seller is responsible for shipping, and there are any issues such as damage to the product upon receipt, it is the seller’s responsibility.

Our Offices

Industrial and trade integrated forklift battery supplier

Anhui Factory

Anhui Factory 1999

Huaishang Road Industrial Park,
Huaishang District, Bengbu City,
Anhui Province, China

(+86) 15256671109
[email protected]

Shandong Factory

Shandong Factory 2005

Jinlong Road Industrial Park,
Zhaoyuan City,
Shandong Province, China

(+86) 18818258818
[email protected]

Zospower Shanghai Office

Shanghai Office 2020

No. 5589, Hutai Road,
Baoshan District,
Shanghai, China

(+86) 15026665707
[email protected]

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